External Landing Pages Do Nothing For You

As the world begins to realize that landing pages are the ONLY way to capture leads, more and more companies are sprouting up on the Web offering easy peezy landing page creation to fill this growing vertical.

Companies like Leadpages, Instapages and more. You know them because you’ve likely experienced them whether via opting in or even used them yourself for capturing leads.

landing-page-1-realestateBut let’s talk about why they are not so good for SEO.

In 2016 Google has forever changed how we think about SEO. With their over 200 different ranking considerations, Google likes to remain ahead of the curve and has even gone as far as creating an AI (artificial intelligence) called the Rank Brain to help “predict” your search needs.

One of those ranking criteria is user experience and engagement ON YOUR SITE.

See what I did there? Good. Because it matters big time.

Understand that when performing inbound marketing via email, PPC or social, all that traffic has to go somewhere to optin to your offer.

When a business chooses to use an external company to host their landing pages, all of the user experience is occurring on that platform/site NOT yours. And that traffic often makes up about 90% or more of your wholesale traffic of interested punters to your offer.

So naturally if you are hosting your landing pages on Instapages or Leadpages or any other external service your user metrics will not be considered towards your own web site.

landing-page-2-realestateImagine having +90% of your web traffic not even registering with Google? How can they gauge the success of your user experience if they are only seeing +/- 10% of your wholesale traffic?

On the flipside however there are many positives to using an external landing page creation company. Things like integration with your CMS, easy of use (little to no learning curve) and a few other helpful utilities like A/B split testing and more.

The question you need to ask is…

How important is search ranking to my site and can I afford to give away 90% of my potential traffic?

Right now you are probably asking, “so what are my options to keep all that traffic on my site instead of someone else’s?

If your web site runs on WordPress then you have plenty of options to chose from like Optimizepress and Thrive to name a couple. While if you website is based on PHP then you also have a few great options like Dcrazed and Themeforest to name a few that we use for quick setup.

None of the above links are affiliate links they were simply provided as examples of what we use when clients ask for landing pages to remain on their own sites as opposed to externally.

For more information on how you can get more buyer/seller leads and kill it in Google, contact us today to arrange a free consult.