Hey Realtor! What’s Your Plan?

A realtor without any sort of real concerted effort towards building an evergreen marketing strategy is walking a fine line.

As more and more Millennials (also known as Generation Y) emerge eager to conquer the world of real estate, those previous generations cry a little. At least the ones who lacked the foresight to see the importance of evergreen marketing and lead generation.

What do we mean when we say “evergreen marketing”?

The evergreen tree is a symbol of perpetual life because they retain their leaves throughout the seasons, rather than shedding. And like trees, evergreen marketing is considered sustainable and of course, scaleable. Which is what makes it so incredibly helpful to any realtor wanting to be around for the long term.

So what are the fundamental elements of an effective evergreen marketing strategy?

  1. Website: now this might seem pretty obvious to you but you might be surprised to know there are actually realtors who ignore ever getting their own website/domain. Owning your own domain gives you the independence from whatever brokerage you happen to be working with at the time. Let’s face it…realtors often change brokerages.
  2. SEO: this one is sort of a biggie. Think of launching a website without it as like winking at a girl in the dark. You might know what you’re doing but no one else does. And this is really what it boils down to. In the fog of search results who are you amongst the thousands of other realtors out there.
  3. Social Footprint: although social media will never be the cause of death for SEO, the fact remains it is undeniably important to your evergreen marketing strategy. Having a stranglehold on your target market on social media can be a valuable asset to have and best of all it is yours and goes with you where ever you may be working.

Now you might be thinking…hey…no mention of leads? That’s because when you have all three of those pillars of evergreen marketing in place, the leads will just naturally flow. Granted you will still have to have lead acquisition strategies in place however PPC and the likes are not what we’d consider evergreen given, you stop paying…it stops working.

Did you just think what I thought you thunk?

Given you went there let’s just put that little thought to rest…

We get it, there’s plenty of snake oil salesmen in the SEO world. Same goes for any industry. So you got stung by a slimy used car salesman one time, did you stop buying cars? I didn’t think so.

The fact is SEO isn’t a simple task that happens in a heartbeat. If you think that then you’re the one to blame for your previous bad experiences.

First of all you should understand that search engine optimization is a science. And the ones that do it right (like us!!!) have over a decade of experience in performing what Google has called “technical SEO”.

What is technical SEO? Think of them as search engineers. They are professionals who understand the inner intricacies of search engines and how they apply to your web site.

As Econsultancy so eloquently put it: the analogy of a train is used – no matter what the carriages look like (on-page content), if the engine (technical SEO) doesn’t work properly, nobody will ride the train. Kapish?

So, as a professional realtor you should be thinking about your future as much as you are about today. And although you may well believe the “quick fixes” of PPC and other forms of paid lead capture are all that and then some, think again.

Much like real estate itself, the long term strategy of evergreen marketing will come back to you in spades when you no longer need to spend money on PPC to be in Google.

For more information on how we can help you start your own evergreen marketing strategy, contact us now to arrange a call!