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Our ServicesSEO & Lead Generation for Realtors

Our primary focus at The Real Estate SEO is to help realtors throughout Canada and the US organically rank in search.

We do not claim to be the largest internet marketing or SEO company but we are the top SEO company exclusively focused on helping real estate agents rank.

Our services are simply to provide <em>made to order</em> customized SEO and lead generation strategies that produce results. We offer natural organic ranking and lead generation in volume for your real estate business.

The graph to the right is a breakdown of our primary traffic sources within every inbound marketing strategy we implement.

Inbound Marketing

  • SEO
  • Content
  • Social
  • Direct

*inbound marketing breakdown of source traffic.

What to expect?

Like every client is unique so are each of our marketing strategies. We only offer tailor-made solutions to our clients to ensure only the highest results by determining the competitiveness of their particular target demographic. The following is a priority list of what we do upon agreeing to terms:

  • Client interview/introduction to our model:
    In this initial part of the process we will meet with the realtor to discuss their target areas of internet, the personal/professional skill sets and uncover any hidden resources the client may have that could contribute to our efforts.
  • Analyze and determine primary keyword targets:
    The team will focus all efforts to uncover any/all opportunities to target specific relevant keywords applicable to the realtor region of operation. This phase is known as keyword research and is crucial to the success of any SEO strategy by matching targets to budget to determine the viability.
  • Onsite Optimization:
    Once we know our targets then it’s necessary to make adjustments on the client web site to help with our offsite efforts. In fact it is said that as much as 60% of all SEO is done onsite as opposed to offsite efforts like link building.

There can be confusion over what it takes to have setup and maintain a sustainable SEO campaign. Some believe it is a “set and forget” effort which couldn’t be further from the truth. Here is what we do on an on-going basis:


  • Local and social citations:
    Local citations are simply reviews and ratings of your business within your localized region of operation and are a large part of what we call local SEO. Social mentions or “buzz” is also a critical ingredient to maintaining strong local positioning.
  • Content placement within identified authority web sites:
    Upon successfully identifying key authoritative sites and personalities in your region, we will constantly attempt to reach out to have content placed within those sites. Additionally we will produce high quality press releases and contributed pieces for release on sites like ABC, Fox, Wall Street Journal and Forbes. This will eventually position you as the authority in your region for real estate.
  • Lead capture funnels:
    Landing pages, squeeze pages and lead capture pages all stand for the same device inbound marketing professionals utilize to get leads. This involves creating ad copy for both the landing page AND the direct marketing piece used to attract traffic to the landing page. Direct marketing can include email marketing, social media marketing and more.

Any real, sustainable SEO and inbound marketing strategy will take time. It is for this reason that we require clients sign a term contract to ensure the client is as serious as we are about wanting results.

Here is a short list of results our clients enjoy:results-improve

  • Improved trust and authority within your community:
    Our clients enjoy a refreshing sense of security in knowing that when a potential client searches for them, that they will see only positive media, reviews and comments.
  • Trending rise of incoming traffic to their web site:
    As our strategy evolves and is implemented to its full potential, our clients are often pleased to see consistent spikes in traffic (organic/natural) to their web site..
  • Level playing field:
    As new realtors can attest to, starting out in the business can be difficult. With many seasoned top realtors dominating, we pride ourselves in our ability to level the playing field and giving the “new kid on the block” a fighting chance.
  • Leads. Lots and lots of leads:
    Probably the most satisfying part of being a client of The Real Estate SEO is the massive influx of both buyer AND seller leads we are able to produce on a consistent basis. We understand the importance of both buyer and seller leads and as such we make sure we are able to produce both for you!


If you are a realtor, seasoned or just starting out, and would like to know how you could rank in Google and increase both buyer and seller lead flow, then we’d like to extend to you this…


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    “Excellent results. Never before have I seen a lead generation company as intuitive and creative as TRESEO. Don Halbert is someone I’ve worked with in the past and without hesitation will continue to recommend him.”

    Dean Innes
    Dean Innes
    REALTOR®, Royal LePage Victoria

    “IMPRESSIVE RESULTS! For the low price I never expected such incredible results. Every morning I look at my inbox and there’s always fresh leads waiting for me to start calling. Had I known about this service before I’d have jumped on board a long time ago!”

    Joni Brown
    Joni Brown
    REALTOR®, REMAX Prince George

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