SEO For Realtors in Canada

Oh those pesky little emails that we all get in our inboxes on a daily basis – cheap SEO services for your business. Many out of far off exotic places who offer guarantees of ranking in top positions in Google.

But how can they do that…I mean is it even possible to guarantee ranking on Page 1 of Google?

No it is not!

The one thing that speaks louder than words is results.

Over the past 15+ years our founder Don Halbert has been studying and reverse engineering how search engines like Google work. In fact over the past few years he has uncovered a handful of bugs in Google’s search algorithm that allows people to release their companies from Google’s viscous repressive penalties.

During this time the focus of The Real Estate SEO has always been on helping real estate professionals, not only rank, but also generate volume buyer and seller leads.

The company’s humble beginnings started in Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island where it is incorporated to this day.

Recently via our Linkedin account, we performed an in-depth review of what realtors in Canada were looking for when it came down to online marketing and lead generation. This is what we uncovered.

  • realtors in Canada do not trust in offshore SEO companies
  • Canadian realtors expect immediate results at a fair price
  • realtors in Canada want an educated SEO professional who knows the industry
  • in Canada realtors do not mind paying more for online marketing that is scaleable and sustainable

It was because of this study that we decided to bring together the brightest minds in search optimization and lead generation so that we could offer ALL of the things realtors in Canada wanted. But we took it further…

Our exclusive SEO and online lead generation methods have proven to be the best in the business. With our exclusive focus on real estate agents, we’ve come up with the top producing and sustainable marketing campaigns Canadian realtors have ever seen.

Don’t believe us? What if we were to offer you a free trial where we will generate you leads without commitment, for one week.

Would that be something that might interest you?

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